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What You Get

Here at Pimp My Meat we want to emphasise that we provide you with great experiences through BBQ products as we help you to explore the best favours Australia and the world has to offer. 

Based on your subscription, each period you will receive a variety of hand picked, top quality rubs and/or sauces for your BBQ. They will be unique, they will be high quality, they will be mouth watering.

The world is full of unique, stunning and creative people, cultures and traditions that are reflected through the best society has to offer including drinks, music and food. 

There is so much good stuff out there in so many different places that sometimes it's impossible to find or get access to the best.

Pimp My Meat has set out with the goal of immersing you in the best flavours for your BBQ locally and from across the globe. For example, South African Braai, Texas BBQ or Brazilian Tempero Baiano. Or more local flavours infused with native Australian ingredients.