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Our Story

At PimpMyMeat we dream big. And so should you.

Back in 2020 when one of our founders Ben was a landscaper, it was a really hot Summer day. The work was slow and he was thinking to myself ‘what will I do after I’m done?’ He hadn’t brought lunch that day and his stomach was doing the thinking for him and it came to Ben that he was going to focus on cooking the best steak that he possibly could, he would take his time, but it would be perfect.

Lo and behold he cooked possibly the best steak ever, it was perfectly medium rare and the flavours in ‘beans secret rub’ were to die for. And so ‘Beans Steaks’ was born. An instagram account full of his experimentation with different cuts of steak and different rubs to go with it. 

The more he dove into it the more he realised how much he loved doing it. Not only for the food itself, but for the excitement leading up to it, knowing that each time he had the chance to cook an even better and tastier steak. He was and still is ‘chasing the dragon.’ 

We have so many great memories that have to do with the experience of a BBQ throughout our lives and we know that most people do too. Figuring out a way to continue to have new experiences, to create lasting memories infused with the best possible bbq flavours was a must and we wanted to bring people along for the journey. 

Pimp My Meat was created to be the bridge between the in-home chef and exciting, new and diverse flavours from around the world. It was created to take its customers on an adventure from the origin to the very last bite. And it was designed to keep a bit of spontaneity in your life, making it easier than ever to cook flavoursome bbq and to impress whoever takes a bite!

Join our family as we grow, we have massive plans and we want you there with us for the journey!